“You get what you focus on. What I say to myself creates or influences what I feel. I experience what I pay attention to."

Hypnosis Defined


 Your Mind. Your Results. 

Contrary to sensational Hollywood portrayals, Hypnosis cannot be used to make someone do something against their will, even though the effects seem to happen involuntarily. This might seem paradoxical, but you’ve already experienced something like it.  Have you ever driven a car, made it to the destination, but didn’t remember the journey? I know I have.This is your mind going into trance. It’s natural. At any time during the drive, if you needed to respond to someone braking in front of you or a phone call, you could have. The state is flexible, it is there when you allow it, and not there when you need to switch waves and respond more from the conscious mind. Simple. Hypnosis, requires your active participation.

You are and will stay in control of the experience. If you have ever meditated or said a lengthy prayer, you know that the deep relaxed and sometimes reverent space you enter into is one where you can easily come out of to move on to another activity.  So, then how does hypnosis and the trance-states really work?

 Your Mind. Your Waves.

Hypnosis aids in your mind shifting into alpha (relaxed alertness), theta (creativity and meditative state) and delta wave (deep sleep) states. Hypnosis assists in relaxing the critical factor that acts as a gatekeeper or filter between the subconscious and conscious mind. In reality, there is only one mind and the conscious, subconscious, and superconscious represent levels of awareness.

Positive or negative beliefs in the subconscious are perceptually filtered by the critical factor. The conscious mind can choose, but will choose poorly if there is poor programming. In Hypnosis, we bypass the critical factor so the subconscious mind communicates with the conscious mind. It’s simple. When the conscious mind is busy assessing, comparing, and judging, there is too much noise to hear or investigate the impressions and creative intelligence of other states of awareness.

The conscious mind does not store information, and in reality is much smaller than the subconscious. The   subconscious:

♥ Thinks in images and does not recognize negatives. For example, “Do not look at the pink elephant” brings up the same image as just thinking of a pink elephant.

♥ Is the creative intelligence that runs the body.

♥ Everything perceived by the subconscious mind is seen through the lens of past programming.

♥ Receives, stores, and generates imagery.

♥ The subconscious mind is the seat of emotion and also uses the language of emotion.

(*Things in the subconscious mind are later assessed as positive or negative by the analytical mind)

“Since the subconscious programs operate outside the range of consciousness, we don’t experience ourselves playing out these behaviors. Therefore, we don’t even see ourselves sabotaging our own lives, and as a result, we don’t take responsibility for the lives we lead. We see ourselves as victims of forces outside of our control” Bruce Lipton, author of The Biology of Belief

Hypnosis Mind Model

Once the root of our problems is discovered and cleared through hypnotherapy, an interesting thing happens. The psychic, emotional, physical, and spiritual energy) it took to maintain the negative programming or maintain the problematic feedback loop, is freed up.  Now, the signals from the superconscious mind are more readily received and acted upon. Trance states created through hypnosis, help you tap into this problem-solving intelligence, which in turn help you creatively find your own positive resources.



The superconscious mind. is our problem-solving  intelligence and operates with love, forgiveness, healing, peace, intuition, inspired creativity and grace. It is not local. It operates like a receiver, bringing in messages from other fields of awareness.  In lay terms, the superconscious mind translates higher intelligence energy into messages and the felt-sense of these messages promote health and well-being. Distortion of the “signal” by negative programming in the subconscious, cuts off communication to the superconscious which can be restored in hypnosis.

 New Thoughts and Behaviors New Connections

Solutions-Centered Approach

Step into a new picture of yourself. What do you see? 
Everyone goes into trance. Therapeutic trance is healthy – it’s a state of deep relaxation with focused attention. In this relaxed state you can access imaginative, healing solutions that are normally blocked by negative or habitual thought patterns. Hypnosis assists you in accessing these deep states of wellness.

I will teach you how to access these therapeutic states and then you can incorporate them into your own meditative self hypnosis practice.  Learn more about this powerful tool for life mastery!


Elevate Hypnothera. South Lake Tahoe Hypnotherapy. North Lake Tahoe Hypnotherapy. Reno Hypnotherapy. Sacramento Hypnotherapy. Hypnosis. International Board of Hypnotherapy

Elevate Hypnotherapy. South Lake Tahoe Hypnotherapy. North Lake Tahoe Hypnotherapy. Reno Hypnotherapy. Sacramento Hypnotherapy. Hypnosis. International Board of Hypnotherapy